Happily, 2018 is a women’s world. We see more and more startups all around the world created, founded and directed by women. I don’t think that guys deserve fewer credits than us, women’s. But like we all know, we’ve been through a lot and we’ve been underestimated enough. I think it’s more than beautiful to see women grow, blossom and speak. And we need to encourage it to make sure it doesn’t stop. For me, seeing amazing féminin startups growing around me inspired me to build my own empire on something that I love.

If there’s one thing that I can say to all the girls out there, is not necessarily build your own business. But make a step forward, believe in yourself and do whatever your mind is in to. Don’t be scared, you will fail, you will cry but at least you’ll try. Try to make yourself happy and try to achieve your goals and dreams. Nothing can and nothing will stop you. We can be anything we want to be. It’s not because we’re girls that we can’t build something with our own bare hands. It’s not because we’re girls that we can’t be a president or an engineer.

Girl, do what makes you feel the alive and free version of yourself. We are strong enough to make those millions, we are powerful and we can do everything we set our mind and hearts into. The she that dares, wins.

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