I started a sunless brand because as simple as it sounds I’m just obsessed with nice tans.

I always felt sexier when I was darker. For myself and probably others, it made me feel fitter and it even hides some of my imperfections. What I like about spray tan or self-tanners is that if I’m tired of it I can always scrub it off. Plus, there are zero risks for my skin. With sunless products, you can have the amazing glow you want at any moment with the exact color you’re searching for. Isn’t that wonderful?

So after doing my research, I saw that there are no sunless brands in Montreal. Since so many people I know getting into either getting their tans done or starting to offer Spray Tan services, I decided that Montreal should have it’s own Sunless brand to support our growing demand for the perfect tan. There’s a lot of amazing spray tan technicians in MTL and this obsession and passion are only growing here and all around the world. I also love to be in the women empowerment movement. Cherishing and supporting women is something that I love to see and do. Though Spray Tans are for everyone no matter what gender you identify with, I knew that my brand would attract mostly women and by empowering all, it is a way to get into that movement a bit deeper.

Skin care, self-love, sunless products and female empowerment are things that I love for. So I decided to jump both feet into that amazing project and build a luxurious line that will only make you glow like never before.

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