Proudly Canadian, Valiente sunless is the first sunless brand to be born in Montreal. Valiente has been created to offer you luxurious sunless, non-sunless and skin care products with a touch of sensuality and self-love. Our mission? Make our Valiente babes glow in their own way.


The Founder

So it all started when I was a little girl. My dad is Colombian, so in my house, we would always talk in Spanish. Every time I was doing something courageous, like every time I would fall down from my bike without crying or when I would speak out my opinions he would always say that I’m “ Valiente”. Valiente is a Spanish word with the meaning of a brave person. It means that you’re courageous and pretty much a bad ass. Without knowing why, I always felt so powerful everytime he would call me that, that I decided to make other people around me feel powerful too.

I think we live in a generation of people that don’t take the time to cherish and love themselves. We’re not aware of the impact that we can cause with our words and actions. We are more powerful than we think and I do think that we need more love and appreciation. We all deserve to be recognized for our braveness no matter what.

So many people on this planet have a heart and a voice of gold. We’re audacious and strong enough to create and change everything in this world but it all starts with love. And for that, I call my company Valiente. I want to inspire all the Valiente in this world. Because I’m pretty sure you’re bold too.