1. Pictures are just pictures.
Pictures are pictures and pictures aren’t real life. We all have this person on Instagram that we follow and crave. We all crave to be on a nice beach of Ibiza or traveling in LA with the nicest shades 24/7.  But let me tell you, this isn’t life. We often get really naive towards Instagram but let’s get real here, nobody wins their lives that easily with pictures. These people that you see having their best time our probably working outside of their gram fame. Don’t let pictures fool you. Don’t put yourself down thinking your life is boring. They’re probably normal people just like us, studying, working, grinding, training and just being them, like us.  Sometimes, the only difference between you and them is a good camera angle and about a hundred botched pictures.

2. The world has bigger problems than girls posing in a bikini.
We all have a body and we all have a butt. Growing up I always been told that my body should have been kept to myself. I always have been told that girls in a bikini can be seen as “ sluts” or “attention seekers”. But Instagram taught me that it’s ok to feel yourself in your own skin, it’s ok to feel sexy. There’s nothing wrong with showing off my body and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a bikini. Girls should be able to post and do what they want without being called names or being shamed. There is nothing obligatory about a poolside selfie, or even a selfie far from the pool, wherever you take your bikini pics. We’re all capable of posting whatever we want and should not be shamed into not sharing what you want to share.
My lower cheeks are making you uncomfortable? Oops. #sorrynotsorry

3. It’s not because she is pretty that I am not.
We all follow this perfect girl (or guy) with the perfect skin and perfect hair. We all follow this one person that makes us doubt ourselves. Instagram thought me that in this world there’s always going to be someone blonder than me, tanner or lighter than me, clearer skin than me or thinner than me. There always will be, for better or for worse. It’s not because she is pretty that I am not and it’s not because she has more likes on her pictures than me that I’m less important. We get so vulnerable on social media that we often forget ourselves.

HEY, you’re pretty in your own way. That pretty girl that you’re creeping on is probably living the same insecurities than you. The girl that you have on your lock screen background is probably dealing with the same struggles than you. That girl that you’re showing your hairdresser because you want her hair is probably creeping on others and wishing to have what she can’t have too. And it’s ok, no human is made perfect. Remember one thing: You can only find perfection in imperfections.

4. Instagram can be a wonderful platform or a horrible distraction
Instagram is one of the most popular apps on earth. It has more than 800 millions of users sharing the pics all over the world. Pretty intense eh? 
There are so many opportunities you can get through Instagram! Like making new friends, meeting new people, finding a cool vacation sport, nail place or even a company that is hiring! On Instagram, you will find everything. There are sometimes creeps and sometimes people that want to do cool collabs with you. It’s the perfect app for social networking. The gram can be great and super fun but you need to use it wisely. Yes, it’s always fun to see makeup videos or nice pictures of people having fun. But don’t compare your life to theirs. 
A few studies proved that Instagram is the worst social media for mental health.  People compare themselves too much. Instagram isn’t a competition. It’s a network. Use it to share things with your loved ones, use it to express yourself and be yourself. Use it for work or to have fun. Use it to share a message or simply to learn. But don’t use it to hurt yourself. If it hurts, take a break. Breathe and come back when you’re ready. There’s nothing wrong with that. Even Selena Gomez takes breaks! Instagram shouldn’t be an obsession and it shouldn’t make you sad.
Take care of yourself before taking care of others.

5. If you want to spread a message, Instagram is the sh*t.  
With Instagram, everything gets spread fast. Want people to know the latest gossip about Channing and Jenna? Insta is the perfect place. Want to send funny memes to your friend in 1 sec? Instagram is your bae. You’re starting a little business and you need to get known? Ask your followers to do a couple of shoutouts. You have a message to share, post it and caption it. Like @gigihadid letting her fans know that she’s fed up with being body shamed online. Or when @selenagomez told us that social media was getting unhealthy for her and others and that we needed to do something about it. Instagram is perfect to let the world know what’s going on.

Let’s use more this technology to be more open-minded. Let’s use it to give peace a chance. Let’s use it to make the world one.

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